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About Us

We Believe in a
Better You.

About Us

We Believe in a
Better You.

Due to the overwhelming positive findings and patient results of Semaglutide, the physicians at DoctorsRx Medical Weight Loss felt compelled to find a better way to improve the lives of patients suffering with being overweight. The emotional damage from having a negative self image along with dealing with the resulting medical issues can be so debilitating.

Unfortunately, the cost of the safest, most effective medication solution for weight loss, Semaglutide, is not affordable or even unavailable for the people that needed it most. For that reason, we developed the QUICKSLIM program to enable patients to have:

– Access (Have access to compounded Semaglutide)
– Convenience (Get treated from the comfort of their home)
– Affordability (Save over 80% on medication costs)
– Quality (Be treated by an experienced physician)

The results for our patients have been truly amazing! Lives have changed and patient’s medical
conditions have disappeared.

We are proud to have changed the lives of so many and hope to do the same for you!

Our Experts

DoctorsRx Medical Weight Loss's World Renowned Physicians

Our team at DoctorsRx Medical Weight Loss, lead by our medical director, V. Rao Emandi M.D., includes some of the most esteemed board-certified experts in healthcare. Their wisdom and decades of collective experience treating obesity has allowed us to build a robust program that combines efficiency with effectiveness. We put your needs first and provide quality, medically sound care during your entire journey with us.

V. Rao Emandi M.D.

Melt Fat 5x Faster with our Approved Weight Loss Accelerators: Compounded Semaglutide & B12 MIC Lipo BioBoost Plus+

Weight Loss Accelerator #1

Compounded Semaglutide with a weight loss of 15% to 22%, is a once weekly GLP-1 medication that mimics the effect of “feeling full” by delaying gastric emptying to reduce appetite, improve control of eating and reduce food cravings.

It’s powerful appetite suppression helps you not feel hungry or have those late night cravings anymore. Most patients are able to skip breakfast and/or lunch altogether without thinking twice. Fewer calories in, means faster weight loss. It accelerates the transfer of glucose in your blood into your cells to be burned off rather than being stored as fat. We will coach you on how to self-administer it weekly with a very tiny, barely noticeable, insulin injection.

2 Medications for the Price of One!

Weight Loss Accelerator #2

BioBoost Plus+ is an all natural lipotropic formula, which means it encourages fat burn to help patients work toward fat loss goals faster. Studies show that it is particularly effective at encouraging the body to burn fat from hard-to-lose areas like: The tummy, inner thighs, neck, hips and buttocks. And because it goes directly into the bloodstream, rather than through the digestive tract, all the lipotropic nutrients can be used by the body to melt fat fast, especially when combined with Compounded Semaglutide & Compounded Tirzepatide.

  • Decreases any potential side effects of Semaglutide by 70%.
  • Crushes any potential fatigue and gives you a boost of energy all day everyday.
  • Accelerates fat loss.
  • Effectively preserves muscle tissue.
Vitamin B-6
Breaks down protein, carbs & fats into energy.
Vitamin B12
Boosts energy & overall metabolic rate. Helps burn fat, detox, increases red blood cells & improves liver function.
Breaks down fats by converting sugar & carbs into energy.
Converts food into energy faster, reduces cholesterol. Helps with fatty liver.
Improves glucose & insulin management. Metabolizes fats & cholesterol. Detoxifies the liver.
 Arginine & Carnitine
Enables the body to burn more fat, boost stamina & endurance.